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  • ✔️ FOR TIREDNESS, RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME & MUSCLE HEALTH - Our unique blend of Magnesium Citrate, Magnesium Oxide and Vitamin B6 delivers synergistic benefits that help contribute to normal muscle function and normal protein synthesis for gains in size and strength. Additionally, Magnesium has been linked to a reduction of tiredness & fatigue, the normal functioning of the nervous system, and to the maintenance of bones & teeth.
  • ✔️ FOR MOOD, ENERGY MAINTENANCE & SLEEP – Our high-strength Magnesium Citrate tablets will ensure you perform to your potential during the day. At night, using Magnesium for sleep is also common. Magnesium is known to contribute to normal psychological function and Vitamin B6 is necessary to maintain energy and general vitality. Such great mutualism are just two reasons why we formulate Magnesium and B6 together.
  • ✔️ OUR INGREDIENTS - Our painstakingly selected Magnesium & B6 Complex is a potent and unique alternative to the range of solely Magnesium supplements. The active ingredients per tablet are pure 150mg Elemental Magnesium and 25mg Vitamin B6 only. Take two tablets daily for both men and women. 
  • ✔️ FREE FROM COMMON NASTIES & CARBON OFFSET - Our purpose is to remove unnecessary ingredients and manufacturing processes. As such this supplement is non-GMO and free from dairy, soy, gluten, artificial colours and flavours. This product is 100% suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • ✔️ OXFORD ORGANICS SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - It's important to find supplements that work for you - that is why we exist as company. As such, if our product is not a good fit for you, just let us know and we will happily refund you while wishing you the best of luck in your search for a more suitable product.

Oxford Organics Vegan Magnesium Complex with Vitamin B6 240caps

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