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Quality Cheap Exercise Bikes

An easy and cost-effective solution to firming your whole body and building your booty from the comfort of your own home – the Booty Trainer Max. This free-standing exercise bike allows you to control and adjust the resistance for optimal results, allowing you to regulate how easy or hard you want your workout to be. 


What is great and unique about this exercise bike is that it comes in 2 different models with different colour options: Model X comes in blue/white and pink/white, while Model Z comes in blue/white and red/black, so have your pick and choose the colour that you like the best!


Meeting your fitness goals has never been easier! Track the time you spent riding and the distance you reached during the workout on the digital display. The display also holds an easy-to-understand calorie counter and an accurate speed measurement for easy tracking and reaching your personal workout goals. 


Because of its sleek design and smart installation, there are no messy cables which not only makes the bike look aesthetically pleasing but also is much safer.


If you wish to grow your confidence and physical strength while forming a nice body at the same time, then this exercise bike is the perfect solution for you! With a cushioned and accommodating seat and non-slip rubber pedals with adjustable safety straps, this exercise bike will become your favourite home workout machine. 


Did you ever hesitate to buy an indoor exercise bike because they appear to be massive and would take up too much space in your home? Hesitate no more! This exercise bike is compact, which makes it easy to handle, but also easy to transport or store when not in use. 


Start growing your muscles, getting stronger and feeling super confident by ordering your indoor exercise bike today!

ProtoHype Exercise Bike, Hometrainer

£159.99 Regular Price
£99.99Sale Price
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