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Sunwarrior Protein Blend with BCAA and MCT Chocolate - 750g.

BBE:: 13.JUN.23

Warrior blend fuses the power of several rich protein sources into one smooth, great-tasting formula that is overwhelmingly superior to the individual components alone. Medium-chain triglycerides from coconut work synergistically with the other ingredients to create a unique vegan protein exceptionally rich in amino acids and BCAAs.


Yellow Peas (fermented)


Low in calories, high in fiber, a complete amino acid profile protein with a remarkable amount of BCAAs. Pea protein helps to build and maintain lean muscle mass, which increases the metabolism and burns fat.


Other Seed


A complete fibrous protein, containing building blocks for metabolic enzymes. This superfood is high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (3:1 ratio) which support the heart and normal function of the immune system. Naturally contains vitamins and minerals, is easy to digest, and absorbs quickly which provides quick energy.


Goji Berry


These bright berries are one of the only fruits to contain all the essential amino acids. Goji berries are a nutrient-dense superfood which deliver antioxidants, vitamins, and carotenoids with their tangy flavor.




Coconuts contain essential fatty acids existing in just the right amount to be burned as energy, rather than stored as fat. MCT’s also help support healthy inflammatory response, contributes to the normal function of the immune system, and enhance muscle recovery after exercise.


Vegan - Organic Plant-Based Protein

Great For Pre and Post-Workout

Keto and Paleo Friendly

BCAAs - A Full Amino Acid Profile to Build LEAN MUSCLE

Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, No Added Sugars

High in Glutamine, Arginine, Lysine, and Leucine

Ingredients: Proprietary Protein Blend: (organic pea protein, organic hemp protein, organic goji berry), organic cocoa, organic chocolate flavour, stabiliser: (organic guar gum), sea salt, sweetener: (organic steviol glycosides), organic whole ground coconut

Sunwarrior Protein Blend with BCAA and MCT Chocolate - 750g

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